Solalanotte has been an artist-run project-space based in Frankfurt am Main. During its first one year of physical existence (Sept. 2012 - Sept. 2013 in Oppenheimerstr. 34a, Frankfurt am Main) the space based its activity in and around the context of the Städelschule, school of Fine-Arts. Though Solalanotte is also and above all a constellation of people and ideas who aims to evolve and live in other forms in the coming future.

Solalanotte is a project run by:

Elisa Caldana
Clémentine Coupau
Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen

Generously supported by Städelschule – Portikus E.V.

Past shows

pdf "It´s going to be great" - Elif Erkan, Andrew de Freitas, Lina Hermsdorf, Alexey Vanushkin - Invited by Aurélia Defrance
"It´s going to be great" - Click here for more
pdf "The monster in me" - Alan B. Brock-Richmond
pdf "Close the light / pour the wine / loose the pants" - Christoph Esser
pdf Bóng - Adam Fearon
pdf "Ein, zwei, drei" - Natasja Loutchko
pdf "Feathers in Vain" - Lena Philipp and Anna Weidenhammer
pdf Mille Feuillets
pdf Hånd - Benedikte Bjerre
pdf "≈" - Mahsa Saloor, Jol Thomson, Mark Walker
pdf "The blind stirred slightly, but all within was dim and unsubstantial (...)" - Calori&Maillard, Jonas Jensen
pdf "Share a dare darling" - Ani Schulze
pdf "Flo Jo's" - Olga Cerkasova
"Kaltlich" - Ailsa Cavers, Christoph Esser, Billie Maya Johansen, Martin Kohout, Anna Susanna Woof-Dwight


pdf "A room of one's own" - Ani Schulze in Venice
About - "A room of one's own"


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info@solalanotte.org / Skype: Solalanotte / Born 2012 in Frankfurt am Main